Jobs and Careers
Head of mission, UN or EU; Head of security; Head of training programmes (PSC); Head of base camp (NGO)

THEMIIS training courses have been devised for:

Active executives or experts wishing to broaden their skill set and qualifications so as to present international and security expertise.
To active or retired executives or experts, wishing to explore new management opportunities in:

Civilian missions sanctioned by the UN or European Union

Military and security programmes or operations having to do with international crisis management or peacekeeping operations

Army and police training programmes (international standard compliance) for TTC (Troop Contributing Country) designated states

Civilian sites or autonomous base camps held by companies operating in areas offering little to no security

Humanitarian refugee or displacement camps, in nations bordering crisis countries

Health care bases (logistics, finances, security) and field hospitals administered by international organisations in the event of a pandemic

Opportunities upon completion:

General positions

Head of mission (or deputy head), project or programme for UN, EU, AU

“Security reform” advisor for local political authority

Border / Customs experts for civil missions spearheaded by the EU and the UN (BAM : Border Management Missions)

Specific experts for civil missions spearheaded by the EU and the UN: HR, acquisitions, finance and accounting, logistics, CIS (Communication and information systems expert), PIO (Press and Information officer), legal and judicial advisors, medical

Head of a military or police training programme, for a foreign government or a PSC (territorial or maritime)

NGO, PSC or corporate risk advisors

Head or Manager of base camp (NGO, PSC, corporate)

Head of security for export firm (headquarters) or head of security for development site (abroad)


Specific positions:

Head of “country” for the UN (DPKO), for the EU (EEAS), for an NGO or a PSC

Assistant to a EU or UN Special or High representatives on assignment


Foreign attendees: 

Accession to high command responsibilities in the country of origin as well as in the UN PKOs or civilian operations of the EU

Head of mission, at the permanent representation of their country on the international scene (UN, EU, AU, G5 Sahel)

Advisor for NGO, PSC or export firm