Head of training:

Peer de Jong

Senior Vice-President, Co-founder of THEMIIS & Associate Professor at the Economic War Institute of Paris (EGE)

List of visiting professors and lecturers (non exhaustive):

ARVIEU, de, Edmond: Risk director of Sanofi. Navy captain (CR)

BOLELLI, Didier : General (rtd), CEO of GEOS

BONNET, Jean-Paul : President of IDES

BOUSQUET, Anne: Consultant, restructuring & crisis communication – Commandant R.C. GIGN

BRUGUIERE Jean-Louis: Former examining magistrate, expert in counterterrorism

CAYZAC Bruno: Corporate security & business intelligence Director of TNT Express France, colonel (CR) Gendarmerie nationale

CHAPLEAU Philippe: Journalist, defense specialist (especially for PMC : Private Military Companies and maritime piracy)

CHEREAU Jean-Michel (GCA rtd), Director for protection of AREVA

COCKBORNE de Christian: Colonel (CR), United Nations expert at Sovereign Global France


DIAMENTIS Eric: International lawyer

DIOP Thierno Seydou: Lobbyist, expert in European affairs

DUVAL Dominique, Colonel Gendarmerie,  Expert in SSR, Sea & Police Programmes Director at THEMIIS

DU VIGNAUX Frédéric (Colonel CR): Former safety chief advisor at the UN Department for Safety and Security (UNDSS), consultant in safety and management

ESTRATE François: General (rtd), United Nations expert

FERNBACH Marie-Claude: HR advisor/certified coach/ organization-management consultant

FORTIER Denis: Journalist, expert in cyber defense, Colonel (RC) DGGN

GAUMER Quentin : Head of Cyber Seucirty practice at CTF

GRUNDLER Benjamin: Lawyer, professor at Sciences-Po Paris

GUISNEL Jean: Journalist and writer, defense and intelligence subjects specialist

HARBULOT Christian: Director of the Economic War College of Paris

HEITZ William: Colonel (CR), logistical expert

HORNUS David, Director of CorpGuard

HOULIAT Philippe: Former engineering officer, specialized in demining, expert for the UN and NATO, senior technical advisor for Handicap International and co-founder of Global EOD Experts

KANDEL Maya: Responsible for the USA programme at IRSEM, associate researcher at the Center for Research on the English-Speaking World (CREW) – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3)

KASPI Hélène:  Doctor, Medical Director of Danone group

KERMABON, de, Yves, General (rtd), former special advisor  CSDP of Pierre Vimont, Executive General Secretary of European External Action Service (2011-2013), former head of mission EULEX in Kosovo (2007 – 2010)

LAUMONT Didier: General (rtd) of gendarmerie, international consultant, SSR (Security Sector Reform) expert for Africa.

LAURE Xavier : General (rtd), Delegate for the relations to the benefactors,  Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation

MICHEL Jean-Paul, General (rtd): SSR and DDR expert

MOHAMED-TALEB Jemal: Roving Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, international lawyer

MOREAU, Christophe : Red Cross, Responsible for International HR

MPIANA Baudoin: Colonel –DRC–, expert in DDR and African regional organizations

NOVARO Pierre: President SALIX SAS

PATRY Jean-Jacques : Project manager “African Worlds” at the think-tank Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, director of the Master of geopolitics and international security at the Catholic Institute of Paris, Professor at the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies of Paris

QUERRY, René Georges:  former inspecteur général de la police, former chief of UCLAT (Unité de coordination de la lutte antiterroriste), former chief of SPHP (Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités), former director of police’s international cooperation

RACOUCHOT Bruno: Influence communication expert

ROBIN Christophe: International consultant in organisation and management. Expert in crisis management & communications – Aerospace, defence, security

ROUBY Gilles: General (rtd) , European affairs and NATO expert

SIKOSKI Philippe : Corporate security & safety manager of GEODIS

TEGUEDI ould Ahmed: Diplomat, former Minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (sept. 2013 – jan. 2015)

THOMAS Lionel : Commercial Director at ATERMES

VIVIES (de) Arnaud :  International Director Ordre de Malte