Practical Information
Executive MBA & Intensive trainings: Registration & Contact

Training venue:

Espace La Rochefoucauld

11 rue de La Rochefoucauld

75 009 Paris


International Sessions : 

Kinshasa, Rébublique Démocratique du Congo

Abidjan, Rébublique de Côte d’Ivoire


Schedule of training period (with holidays)

Full course (Executive MBA):

Next session : September 11st 2017 – November 16th 2017


Short course (Intensive trainings):

EU Training – SC 1/2016: April 25nd to May 19th

UN Training – SC 2/2016: May 30th 2016 to June 23rd



Registration and Contact

Candidates must present a minimum level of experience in management or direction. They must also be capable of contributing to general mission simulations, or play a role in scenarios where they will be called upon to interact with the other attendees.
When completing the registration questionnaire, THEMIIS candidates must describe their personal objectives and profile. Entry into THEMIIS hinges on the quality of these answers. Successful applicants will be examined by the Selection committee.
Finally, all candidates must actively participate in all training modules given by THEMIIS.

Course fees

Full Course:
10 weeks

5 500 EUR excl. tax, per person

6 800 EUR excl. tax, for companies and institutions

Short course:
4 weeks

6 000 EUR excl. tax

The training fees are payable in full, 30 days before the start of the training course at the latest. Details are available on the registration form. Deferred payment may be offered on a case by case basis.

Working language

The working language is French for the session “Manager Global ” and English for our international programmes.
For our Paris-based programmes, all students, however, must display proficiency in conversational English.
Optional: Intensive improvement modules in English (immersion programme in a specialised school), with a focus on the general vocabulary required for the management of international security missions, are available for those participating in the THEMIIS training course.


Philippe Moreaux – Programmes Director