Profile of Auditors
Project managers (companies, NGOs, PSCs); Officers (active duty or retired), Civil servants, Diplomats, Experts

Who may present their application?

These training courses have been devised for middle managers and experts possessing significant experience (10 to 15 years, average).

What is a desirable attendee profile?

Middle managers of export companies

Staff officers within international organisations such as DPKO, UNDP, UNHCR, EEAS, EUROPAID, ECHO, DEVCO, AU, ECOWAS, CEAAC, G5 Sahel

Project managers inside NGOs and PSCs (Private Security Companies)

Military or police officers; customs agents of equivalent rank (active or retired)

Diplomats, embassy personnel (active or retired)

Experts in specific fields, for civilian missions of the EU or UN (see Careers)

Equivalent profiles for European and African attendees.