Strategic management, international players, crisis areas and strategies

The main training modules

Managing the strategic environment: from the deciders to the field

Managing an international mission or programme: conception, recruitment, planning, administration, logistics and general security.

Knowing and understanding your environment: international and local laws, HR and financial management, press relations and communications.

Crisis areas, threats, weaknesses, security and general responses.
Knowing and understanding the key players and the international organisations: internal structures, decision-making processes, financial dialogue, national political and administrative control, general reporting methods.

Specialized modules: police, gendarmerie, anti-terrorism , governance, SSR, international humanitarian law, crisis management

Key players:

– United Nations: Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations Development Programme, High Commissioner for Refugees.
– European Union: European External Action Service, Directorate General International Cooperation and Development, Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.
– African Union and regional organisations
– Non-government organisations (NGO)
– Export firms
– Private Security Companies (PSCs)


How long is each training session?

Sessions take place over a period of:

3 months for the full training course in Paris Executive MBA “Manager Global”

4 to 8 months for our international programmes

Intensive Trainings

4 weeks for the short training course (EU or UN)

How is each training session laid out?

Courses are given 3 days per week for the full training course and the intensive training (EU or UN), on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays ; They normally begin with an international guest lecturer in the morning, and are followed by an actual case study in the afternoon for which each participant must devise an individual solution.
The programme also proposes international seminars, which are jointly organised with other European, African and international institutions

We will also offer to our participants coaching sessions to prepare for EU and UN interviews and practice for the selection process.